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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Does Traditional Photography Still Have Its Place

It can be overwhelming for couples as they try to determine what style or type of photography they want to use to capture their wedding day. Traditional photography started getting a bad rap a few years back when suddenly the catch phrase of the day was "photojournalism".... I still meet with clients who are confused about the differences and who are being sold a "product" that they don't fully understand. I suggest anyone considering styles of photography to take some time to investigate their differences. In some cases I look at a photographer's portfolio and find that although they call themselves a photojournalist, the style is more reflective of candids.

No wonder it can be so confusing for clients who are looking to capture not only the subtle nuisances of their day but to also have wonderful portraits of their families and bridal party. This is my personal take on the question of photography style when it comes to shooting a wedding. First of all, it takes a special type of photographer to cover a wedding thoroughly and to be personable and responsive to family and guests. Many photographers radiate to a certain style like a physician to a specialty. If a die cast photojournalist was asked to create a studio portrait, they may not have the skills necessary. I believe a wedding can be captured in a variety of styles that meet the needs of not only the bride and groom but their families as well. Couples gravitate to the documentary and candid and grandparents often want to see smiling faces. My philosophy incorporates a mix of styles that can document objectively and narratively but also use basic elements of light, symmetry and composition.

I get many clients who after reading all the latest magazine articles and looking at photographer portfolios stills say..... "I just want beautiful pictures." There are many traditionalists and many contemporary non-conformists. Its the photographer's job to listen to what types of photographs spur feelings and elicit emotions in the hearts of their clients. I shot this couple's wedding a while back and what I found not only from listening to them, but also deemed from their personalities was the need for simplicity and fun. Shelley and Hank's photographs reflect a classic traditional style yet they have many photographs that reflect a more candid, photojournalist approach. Shelley epitomizes grace and elegance. Throughout their day, I was able to get many candid, unsolicited shots as well as more formal posed shots. I had opportunity to be creative and to be inventive while being unobtrusive.

Beach Weddings

As most wedding photographers, I am busy booking my weddings for 2007 and 2008. I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work throughout North and South Carolina and that means..."beach weddings"....I have several beach weddings in the coming year and I am guessing that it can be hard to plan and coordinate such an event. I have gotten several requests from brides to show them samples of other beach weddings because it can be difficult to determine what flowers work best, what type of gown looks nice, how to arrange seating, what time of day is ideal, etc....

It impresses me how creative families can be and I get excited to see the new and innovative ideas that they come up with whether its a beach wedding or a chapel. I encourage taking chances and drawing on your own personal ideas and tastes.

During the summer, I shot this wedding at De Bordieu in South Carolina. Amy and Dave had so many wonderful ideas that they incorporated into their wedding that were unique and personal to them. I chose some of their images because I loved their choice of flowers and how elegantly her gown worked with a beach wedding. Wonderfully sweet couple so I hope you enjoy these.