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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Project Wedding


It was an idea that had its roots in Europe and took some parts of the US by storm a few years ago. I rarely come across a bride in my own practice that would wantonly destroy her wedding gown but for that select few, we can TRASH IT!

To trash it means just that...rip it, tear it, burn it, get it dirty... roll in the mud, wade in the creek, jump in the ocean or ride your horse across the fields. Whatever you do just don't be concerned about salvaging the dress.

TrashTheDress.com says its about the creation and not the destruction. I love that because most times the dress won't be used to pass down to our daughters like tradition supposed. This idea is not for the faint of heart and is best suited for that not so traditional bride that would prefer the stunningly, creative images rather than the dress hanging in the closet.

But if you do want to save your dress but still have the fun of creating some spectacular images, one of my brides had the best idea. She purchased two dresses...the one she wore on her wedding day and the one we trashed. Maybe taking advantage of the fact that its hard to eliminate the choices of gowns down to just one...so loving two may not be a such bad thing!

Premier Bride Magazine Feature

Premier Bride featuring Amber and Brandon Lowe

Congratulations to

a very loving couple!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wedding Day Timeline

Recently I was reminded of the importance of having a reasonable and working itinerary for your wedding day. As we all know, things can sound good in theory but its putting these ideas into practice, that can be problematic.

One of the biggest problems that we as photographers run into on the wedding day is not enough time. That can happen because of delays of course but more often than not, its because not enough time has been allotted. Granted no one wants the bride to get dressed and sit around uncomfortable or wrinkling the dress or even break with tradition and see one another before the ceremony. The problem is however that given the rules of certain churches and venue sites, many times we are given only a short amount of time to take all the family portraits after the ceremony. Add to that any delay in getting the family together, signing the marriage certificate or the like and now we are running a race to get at minimum priority shots to say nothing of any creative or artistic work.

The bottom line is this...I think its important to know exactly what your priorities are on your wedding day. If your photography is a top priority than by all means you should allow not only enough time for your photographer to get your family shots but also enough time to creatively capture your day. If the rules of your venue site prohibit photography beforehand or limit the time afterward, than discuss different options with your photographer. If its a race to get to the reception or if your focus is drawn away from your photos, than you may be missing some glorious shots that your photographer may have otherwise captured for you.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ettiquette (Serving Your Vendors)

I am asked this questions frequently. "Is is necessary or even expected that I serve dinner to my vendors?" Let me begin by saying that (in my opinion) any vendor that "expects" to be served dinner at "your" wedding...doesn't fully understand his or her place at your wedding. We are not invited guests. We are there to work. That is our purpose but many of your vendors will be with you for most of the day. So although I do believe that it is inappropriate for vendors to expect to be fed, I do believe it is a very nice consideration on the part of the bride and groom. If it comes down to a matter of additional meals or going over budget, then by no means should the couple feel obligated to feed their vendors.

Most of the time, we are included in the seating or told to enjoy the buffet but a few months ago, I was very touched by one of my families when they invited me to their table. We are often included at dinner but I must say that I was sincerely touched by their graciousness and hospitality...And I must say that most families treat us like friends instead of hired vendors but this family touched me in such away that I think I will always remember that one gesture.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you prefer and there really is no "proper" ettiquette. I can say that when we are included in the meal, we are always very appreciative and very grateful.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful non-profit organization. This is a group of volunteer, professional photographers that serve the community in a most intimate and inspiring way...in fact many like myself feel that this is a caring ministry.

First let me tell a bit about what we do but more information can be found on the national website. There you can find out how to donate, become a member or read some very inspiring stories. Volunteer photographers are called at a moments notice to come to the hospital often in the middle of the night to take photographs of an enfant that has passed away or a baby that is failing. It is a tragic turn of events for these families. This service is offered to those families who would like to have photographs taken of their precious little one.

Our task is a nurturing and loving one so we make contact with the family, introduce ourselves and then begin taking very intimate and precious photographs of their little one and their family if they like. These images are often the only existing photographs of these small souls. It has become not only a ministry to me but a blessing as well.

I am blessed beyond measure when I have an opportunity to hold these tiny angels...meet them face to face and then to take darling portraits of their tiny faces, their little toes and feet, their Mommy's and Daddy's hands as they hold their baby's fingers in their own. No greater task brings me such peace and comfort. I am honored that the families allow us into their lives if only for a moment. My prayer has always been that the photographs will bring that same comfort and peace to the families.

To find out more about this service, please visit the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep website at http://www.NILMDTS.com