Welcome to Spotlighting. Here I will spotlight new and interesting wedding details that I find in a hope to be a reliable resource to my brides and families. Here you will find honest, unsolicited advice and recommendations. Hopefully, you will also gain valuable insight in to who I am and how I view my work!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Creating More Interesting Engagement Photos

Everyone interested in doing an engagement session should consider whether or not they want the typical, stand-by portraits that everyone does, or if they would prefer more dynamic and dramatic engagement pictures. There will always be a place for a traditional style of portrait but more and more I have requests from couples who do not want the same boring styles and uninteresting poses.
Its important that you express this to your photographer and to find a photographer that is willing to engage in a little bit of adventure. The most dynamic photos I have an opportunity to take involve a little planning and a lot of stepping out of a comfort zone. Instead of the local park or backyard, try climbing to the top of a hill or driving out of town and finding an open field. Instead of scheduling your appointment at 4:00 in the afternoon, try waiting till nearer to sunset. Instead of the comfortable sweater and jeans routine, try a fluttery dress or skinny jeans and a rocker tee.
Ultimately you want the engagement session portraits to express who you are as a couple. The pictures should capture your relationship but remember, those dynamic photos that you long to have, require a little creativity.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So Starts the Wedding Season

Having spent the last couple of weeks answering emails, working on albums and attending bridal shows, it is that time of year for meeting with perspective brides and grooms. Christmas and Valentine's Day are the two best times of year for engagements so shortly after both, there is a mad rush of meetings. This is my favorite time of my year. So many of my friendships took roots during one of these meetings. I get excited to see what new relationships will form and bond over the next couple of months to a year, as many that I meet will become life long friends.

This year as every year, I approach my job as a ministry. I am here to not only take beautiful pictures, but I am here to direct and guide where my opinion is asked. I am honest to a fault but I have found that is exactly what my clients want and need. When others say, "that's not in my job description" then I say, "I know they are not a wedding photographer." My service extends beyond all bounds when there is something I can do to eliminate stress from the face of my bride or expedite the picture taking by corralling groomsmen. In many cases, I am the one face looking directly back at the bride as the trouble hits. Her eyes lock with mine in a helpless gaze so I wouldn't be human to not reach out a hand to help if I can.

In the end, it is this kind of camaraderie that bonds me with my families that I serve. Its also that same dedication to those eyes looking back to me to capture their wedding memories, that make me the photographer I am. It is a sincere joy that my work brings to my life. I am grateful to be working so much and I am grateful to the new families that will put their trust in me this year.