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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Not So Typical Vacation Photos


I recently went to Europe. Exciting enough as it is, I took up a challenge from an Italian friend of mine. His challenge...to come back with the "not so typical" tourist photos. Well that proved more difficult than I could have imagined. Everything in Europe seems to be just about post card perfect so I found myself looking beyond the obvious. Most of these photos are mere pieces of a whole and may be completely unrecognizable to any one but me...some are picture post cards after all I was a tourist.

The Question of Sparklers

For many couples, the departure from the ceremony or from the reception presents an opportunity for some very memorable shots. The use of sparklers can help to create dynamic photos and incredibly interesting images that will add to the visual interest of a finished product such as the album. Through the years, I have been asked repeatedly about the safety of sparklers and to what if any damage may be caused to the bride's dress or veil. Several years ago, I did a test of typical fabrics that may be effected to determine if any damage would result from an ember that may fall from a sparkler. I tested silks, satins, rayon blends, charmeuse, organza, shantung, chiffon, tulle and lace. Held at a reasonable distance to the materials, the falling embers had little or no effect on any of the materials. As a result, I have felt comfortable with actually recommending the use of sparklers to my clients. That was until this happened!!

If you look closely, you can see the glow from the ember that is burning a hole in Randi's dress! The ember is stuck in a fold as she runs under the arch of sparklers. Having decided it would be easier to go barefoot through the gauntlet of friends and family, she is also oblivious to the burning ember on the ground before her. Two strides later, she steps on the burning piece of metal.

As always, the purpose of this post is to not sway opinion but to merely educate. Will I continue to recommend the use of sparklers? Absolutely....I adore the fun and animated images that the use of sparklers help create. I would have it though that couples have all the information available so they can make an informed decision about the potential hazards. If you do intend on using sparklers, I would recommend the 3 foot sparklers and not the small ones. I would also recommend a comfortable distance between you and your guests. Finally, I think this photo is self actuating....shoes definitely and to be extra cautious around gowns that have folds in the fabric or the bustle because the burning embers can get caught in them. Left to fall away, the small embers cause relatively little damage... if any.