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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Cake Toppers With Personality

You gotta agree that some of the new cake toppers out there are just too cute!
I am finding more and more brides are being so creative with the choices for their cake toppers. Its easy to find elegant ones and cute ones and silly ones where once there was just the traditional bride and groom standing static and uninteresting. Many couples choose a topper that reflects their style or something unique about their relationship. There are cultural toppers and favorite team toppers...just adorable! So maybe look in to finding a cake topper that speaks to something special about you as a couple. I love them! Many are available at

I think the more creative the better. I love it when a couple coordinates the theme of their wedding along with the topper. It just makes for such in credible photographs. I love putting the rings into the shot to include them along side the toppers.

Hands down these are two of my favorite! I love the Panthers's helmet.